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Chopra International simplifies doing business within India by connecting carefully selected manufacturers with importers and wholesalers. In addition to having our own production units for wood, glass and metal products, we believe that the integration of external manufacturers in India can expand our range. We want to make it possible for our European customers to have easy access to the Indian market at any time.

Indian manufacture's warehouse for instant sales

No waiting time and direct deliveries all over the world. Log in to Manufacture's Depot in Netherlands. Business to Business with a minimum order of 5000 Euros.

European headquarters

Our European headquarters is located in Geesteren (OV), The Netherlands,  where next to a 8000 m2 warehouse we have our showroom for the importers and wholesalers. This showroom serves as an inspiration to companies all over the world looking for  Home decorations, furniture, textiles or any other product or service from in India.

Christmas collection

Spring Collection

Custom made

Living and Dining

Recent Developments & Updates

“Chopra Group” Reveals its new strategic direction. Announcing “India Expo 2.1”. Opening it’s doors in 2021. An all year exhibition centre showcasing goods & services from multiple manufacturers from India. Therefor expanding production units in India and increasing its export globally. With its company’s vision redefined clear goals are set to take the company forward.

Vision & Mission

As the gap between the rich and the poor seems to be getting wider each day, likewise the distance between Micro and small scale enterprises (MSSE) and medium and Large scale enterprises (MLSE) keep increasing as a result of lack of funds to run MSSE.

Jolden B.V. in combination with it’s Partner in India VJS International give required funds to progressive small businesses with low overhead costs, Train them with necessary quality, packing and transport specifications for export. Due to limited overhead costs, we are able to produce exclusive designs at low cost and make small businesses in India feasible. 

Trough our marketing experience we make sure these businesses have work the whole year long. 

India being a vast country and skill labour is localized in different parts of the country. Trough Micro finance we have more then 100 different units working for us. In this manner we are in a position to supply different kinds of product lines to our customer at a reasonable price. 

Combination of different product lines in one container is managed by our logistic department team at VJS International.  

In the fast changing markets with online sales taking over this is our opinion that finally in the end the consumer is going to benefit with our approach to offer exclusive handmade products manufactured by small scale businesses at a decent price. 

Our products are not mass produced and hence remain exclusive for all time. 

Written by our CEO & Founder 
Mr. U.K. Chopra 

Christmas collection

From the 1st of January you are Welcome to visit us! Experience a totally new Christmas with the 2020 collection displayed in our showroom.

Spring Collection

Opening Spring/Summer showroom Collection 2021. Your are welcome to visit us beginning of June 2020

Custom made


Living and Dining

The movable articles that are used to make a room or building suitable for living or working in

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